1 - 31 September 2021

Clarksons Platou (Aberdeen)

Triathlon Month

Help us invest in the mental health of our community

Our charity


Our 500-mile triathlon challenge

Looking after one's mental health has never been this important.

This year Clarksons Platou (Aberdeen) has chosen SAMH as the charity of the year 2021 to support the organisation invest in the mental health of our community.

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) is Scotland’s largest mental health charity and is dedicated to mental health and wellbeing for all. SAMH strives to promote good mental health, be there for people in need, and end the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health in Scotland. Afterall, there is no health without mental health!

Clarksons Platou (Aberdeen) has set itself a unique triathlon challenge this September.

Throughout September, our team is challenging themselves to swim, cycle and run for a combined distance of 500 miles whilst working from home - the distance between our office in Aberdeen and Headquarters in London.

This means a total of 15.6 miles (approx. 25km) of swimming, 390 miles (approx. 628km) of cycling, and 94 miles (approx. 151km) of running throughout September - and plenty of sweat and serotonin.

We are up for the challenge to promote SAMH over 500 miles - will you support us on our journey?


Swim. Cycle. Run.

Help us invest in the mental health of our community by sponsoring our swimmers, cyclists and runners completing our 500-mile triathlon challenge.

“And I would walk 500 miles ...”

- The Proclaimers

You can find our JustGiving page for SAMH using the link below.