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Achieving impact

The Clarkson Foundation gives us an opportunity to do more for the causes we are passionate about. Charitable status allows us to amplify our charitable giving and go further to create meaningful, lasting change around the world. Together, we go further.

A force for good

As a collective force for good it matters to us that we make a positive difference to the world we live in and the people we share it with.

This is the first year of The Clarkson Foundation and its creation allows us to amplify our charitable giving. As a registered charity, we are committed to helping create meaningful, lasting change around the world.

Clarksons people have always been generous and charitable. In the past decade alone, we've raised over £1.6m for a range of different causes. With this force for good propelling us forwards, we created The Clarkson Foundation so that our shared desire to achieve more could have greater impact.

As an independent charity we are able to give in a more effective and focused way; we live by the governance of charitable status and our running costs remain at zero. In doing so, we contribute as much as we can to the causes we carefully select to support.

As well as fundraising efforts, The Clarkson Foundation enables us to channel our experience, expertise and time so that a tangible difference can be felt. Regardless of location, what matters most is that we can make a positive impact around the world, leaving a legacy that we can all be proud of.

The foundation would love to hear from you. If you know of any causes that the foundation may be able to help with, get in touch.

“Clarksons has always had a generous and charitable nature, from raising money to giving time. It’s part of our culture, our values and our instinctive behaviour. The Clarkson Foundation will allow our charitable activity to raise more for worthy causes."

Jeff Woyda The Clarkson Foundation Chair

Local focus, global reach

We strive to make a tangible difference by supporting causes with a localised focus, anywhere in the world.

We take our responsibility seriously

Using the highest standards of charity governance, we spend time and effort to carefully select charities and causes so that we can achieve genuine and positive change.

A history of giving


raised over the last decade alone


2020 has been our biggest year for charity donations


raised from 3 consecutive Charity Giving days


the number of charities we have helped in the last 10 years

If you think the foundation can help with charitable causes you are involved with, or you have an idea of ways the foundation can help – get in touch.